Asia Society – Supporting New Leadership and Defining a Message

About This Project

Asia Society is a non-profit organization founded by John D. Rockefeller 3rd, which focuses on educating the world about Asia. Asia Society offers insight on the rapidly changing landscape of Asia through arts, education, business and policy programs. Led by Boon Hui Tan, the museum and arts and cultural programs aim to represent the diverse cultures of Asia – both within the region and internationally. Asia Society teams work together in 12 cities across Asia and the United States – ensuring deep ties in the region, and an unrivalled network.

Brunswick Arts work involved:

  • Supporting Asia Society with a Gala event in Hong Kong, and promoting their annual Asia Arts Awards launch to international media.
  • Running an intensive session with key members of the Asia Society team, discussing a range of external perceptions and reviewing current Asia Society marketing and media materials.
  • Creating a new core narrative and set of key messages, for discussion with key stakeholder groups and audiences.
  • Devising a calendar of events, announcements and VP networking to best support the Asia Society program and specifically designed to complement their fundraising aims.


Visit the Asia Society Website