Bradford Literature Festival – Bringing National Attention To a City-Wide Event

About This Project

Formed in 2014, Bradford Literature Festival is driven by the belief that cultural engagement through literature has the power to change people’s lives. Bradford is home to some of the country’s highest proportions of ethnic minorities; Bradford Literature Festival was set up to reflect this multicultural community and address the issues that affect it – the festival attracts a 48% BAME audience. Backed by Bradford-based Provident Financial Group, the festival is rapidly increasing its reach and output – for its third edition in June 2017 the festival presented approximately 400 events involving around 300 speakers, over the course of 10 days, drawing in an estimated audience of approximately 50,000.

Brunswick Arts has worked with Bradford Literature Festival since 2016 to:

  • Raise the profile of the festival’s co-directors in the UK arts landscape, through key influence channels such as national newspapers and broadcast media
  • Position the festival within several critical issues of major importance to the British public – such as gender politics, religious/cultural identity and regional development
  • Convey the rich diversity of subjects covered by the festival’s programme, many of which are seldom addressed by other literature festivals in this country
  • Combat certain negative perceptions around Bradford by promoting the area’s rich cultural and literary heritage
  • Communicate the potential for literary and cultural initiatives to regenerate a city through raising literacy levels and aspirations
  • Manage and advise on communications around corporate sponsorship from Provident Financial Group
  • Manage and advise on reputational issues and crises that arise around some of the more challenging or controversial elements of the festival’s bold programme

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